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Midnight Groovers

Midnight Groovers                                                       Midnight Groovers burst onto the musical scene in the early 1970s led by Chubby and his brother Coe and became household names instantly...

De Luxe Desiree Bio

De Luxe Desiree Bio Dean Desiree. (Born June 20, 1982), known by his stage name DeLuxe F, is a young Dominican songwriter and...

Benz Bio

Benz Bio The UK-based magazine Soca News, has dubbed this artist the next thing to look out for in Caribbean music. Blessed with the ability...

Trushatta Bio

Trushatta Bio Joel A.K.A TruShatta Carbon Was Born In Capuchin Village The Parish Of Saint John, In The Commonwealth Of Dominica. He Was Born On...

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